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Group members

Megmeet Germany GmbH

Megmeet Germany GmbH

Megmeet Germany GmbH, a subsidiary of Megmeet Hong Kong Ltd, was founded in Bielefeld, one of the top clusters of global automation companies in Germany, in 2018. As a R&D center, Megmeet Germany GmbH is strongly committed to drive innovation in different automation technologies. Currently the R&D areas with focus mainly include: open/modular system platform, soft-PLC and motion control technologies, datacentric and service-oriented architecture, industrial field bus technologies, seamless integration of drive/control system, distributed control and production system, IIoT oriented controller design, etc.


  • 聯系地址

    Meisenstr. 94, 33607 Bielefeld Germany

  • 聯系電話

    +49 521 588 131 40

  • 客服電話

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